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Our Impact

We aim to give effect to the patients’ voice, to improve patients experience and to support people to engage fully in their own care.


By listening to patients with a view to seeking improvements in their experiences of health and social care
• By offering a wide range of opportunities for patients to express their views
• By working closely with others to gain insight on specific patient issues

Secure improvements to services
• By campaigning effectively for and alongside those with psoriasis
• By working in collaboration, offering training and project support

Enhance people’s ability to improve health and social care outcomes for themselves and others
• By providing high quality information and advice
• By embracing the opportunities of digital technology for improving care

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a long standing  non-communicable  disease principally manifested on the skin and joints but having several co-morbidities.

It usually presents as a thick layer of skin, sometimes with an overlying scaly crust that may look shiny or silver. The lesions can be itchy. Scratching them leads to skin breakage and bleeding. Psoriasis can look violet or purple.

Psoriasis tends to follow a relapsing-remitting pattern, meaning that people will experience a period of few or no symptoms and then a flare-up of more severe symptoms.

There are several different types of psoriasis, which can vary in their appearance.

Forms of psoriasis

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cure?

Currently there is no cure for psoriasis. However effective therapy regiments have been created to help those have psoriasis.

Is it painful?

In severe cases yes. When the skin lesions are dry they do tend to break and bleed.

Is it contaigious?

No, psoriasis is  not contaigious and can be genetically inherited. You will not get psoriasis from touching somebody with it. It is not infectious also.

Support offered

Paitent and care giver forums have been created online and also regular meet-ups occur throughout the year.

Kindly send us an email with your phone details to be contacted.

Working to bridge the gap...

A lot of psoriasis patients are misdiagnosed in Kenya. The Psoriasis Association of Kenya (PAK) is working hard to raise awarness on the condition and educate the cares and general public.

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Be encouraged... you are not alone!

“It is not all gloomy because I know how to take care of my skin to prevent flares. I am more concerned about a young lady or man too embaressed to admit that they have psoriasis and take an extra step to seek medical assistance”

Wangui Gathere
Lawyer & Patient Advocate 
PAK Member

proud member of international federation of psoriasis associations