Check out her brave story featured on BBC Life Clinic.

“I am Nyawira Munyiri I have lived with psoriasis for more than 20 years.when it started manifesting, we never thought it would be serious because it started as a small pimple that later went expanding and covered 96% of my body.
There was a lot of confusion regarding my condition since we had never experienced this in our family.

It was difficult accepting and living with psoriasis at first but with time I accepted it and have met others through psoriasis Association of Kenya with psoriasis whom we share experiences and compare notes.

As we gear towards our psoriasis awareness month I’d like to encourage someone out there close to giving up home and assure them that there’s hope and you can live a full and productive life even after a psoriasis diagnosis!”

Thanks @nyawiramunyiri for sharing

March is psoriasis awarness month!

We were awarded the IFPA 2022 solidarity fund

The solidarity fund is a grant established by the International Federation of Psoriasis Association (IFPA). The aim of the grant is to support psoriasis advocacy, education and awareness-raising of their members.

How the grant will be used

We have dedicated March to be our online psoriasis awarness month.
Each week will have its own unique series. At the end of the month a dermatologist will host a live session answering psoriasis related questions.

Our main focus:

  1. Advocacy: To highlight the challenges of living with psoriasisĀ 
  2. Education: Learning about how the condition manifests, its different forms, how to manage it, increase quality of life and live a fulfilled life
  3. Awareness: Misconception of the condition being contagious among other negative stereotypes

Where can I join the series?

Available on all our socials. @Psoriasis_ke #PsoriasisAwarnessMonth #PsoriasisKenya #MyStoryWithPsoriasis