"It's hard living with a chronic illness but I know there is hope!"

Who we are?

We are an association focused on the well-being of people living with psoriasis, their care givers and the advocacy of psoriasis among healthcare worker. The Psoriasis Association of Kenya (PAK) was started in 2004 and has had regular activities since. PAK members comprise of those having psoriasis, friends and carers and healthcare workers.
We’d love for you to join us in PAK. The association is financed through membership  contributions and donations.
Why join?
We provide knowledge, emotional support & advocacy.
Membership is open to people with psoriasis, care givers and health care workers.
How to join
Get in touch with us indicating your interest.
Email: info@psoriasiskenya.co.ke
Tel:  0721 547 070

Our approach

Our Mission
Mission: To educate and advocate through empowerment.

Whether it is a reassuring conversations, education, professional advocacy, or simply the assurance that people with psoriasis and their care givers need to know they are not alone, we will work together to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to live fulfilled lives despite their psoriatic diesease.

Our Vision
To make psoriasis a well known

All our members want to see a world where every person living with psoriasis and their care givers feel able to reach out and have someone who’ll help them with education on their condition.  We want to spread out in all regions of Kenya so we’ll be reachable to all.

Our meetings

Proud members of international federation of psoriasis association